XBOSS is a company specializing in providing technology solutions. With the strength in information technology and the ability to quickly catch trends, we always try to help businesses operate the organization more and more effectively.
In particular, XBOSS-ERP, which is an integrated utility upgraded from Odoo, standardized separately for each business sector, and developed on both desktop and mobile platforms.
We put ourselves in the role of an administrator to fully understand the internal difficulties. Therefore, besides being a technological solution, XBOSS-ERP is also built based on professional management at all levels, to bring inclusive innovation in operating methods, towards sustainable development.


In the short term, XBOSS wishes to become the best choice of ERP solutions in the field of Real Estate Projects Investment, Construction, and Real Estate. At the same time, we are continually updating market trends, and customers need to expand our solutions in other areas.
The mission of XBOSS is to help Vietnamese businesses conduct the digital transformation easier by making complicated administrative and operational procedures simple and gradually moving towards automation, thereby saving time and cutting down costs.


XBOSS Team possessing professional strengths in the field of information technology partnered with the acknowledgement about management skills at all levels, is the core factor that makes XBOSS-ERP not just a mere technology solution. In addition, we are a companion that always consults and supports thoroughly to make the deployment of technology into the organization more straightforward.
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